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Lao Cai is a province mountainous border region of West Tonkin, Vietnam In 2018, Lao Cai is Vietnam 's 55th largest administrative unit in terms of population, 45th in Gross Regional Product (GRDP), 16th in GRDP per capita, 11th in growth rate GRDP chief. With 705,600 people. The name Lao Cai was formed in the late 19th century when the French noticed Vietnam and explored the North Vietnamese mountains. With 25 ethnic groups living together, Lao Cai becomes a land rich in cultural identity, historical traditions and cultural heritage. Zone tourist resort Sapa - is one of 21 resort country of Vietnam . Sa Pa is located at an average altitude of 1,200 m - 1,800 m, has a cool climate all year round, has a mountainous landscape, waterfalls and is a convergence of many traditional cultural activities of ethnic minorities. such as highland market, Sapa love market . Hoang Lien Son mountain range has Fansipan peak - the roof of Vietnam - and Hoang Lien nature reserve which attracts many scientists and tourists. Lao Cai has many historical sites, natural caves and agro-ecological specialties such as Bac Ha plum , temperate vegetables, precious medicinal plants, salmon, sturgeon... The pair of international border gates Lao Cai (Vietnam ) - Ha Khau in Yunnan (China ) separated by the Nam Thi River is also an interesting tourist destination.

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