The updated Vietnam visa extension information 2023

Can I extend my visa if I enter Vietnam with a visa exemption?

Visitors from visa-exempt countries can enter Vietnam without having an application for a visa.

Conditions for entry:

Citizens of these countries holding ordinary passports, regardless of entry purposes, are exempted from Vietnam entry and exit visas with a temporary stay of not more than 15 days, if they meet the following conditions:

- Have a valid passport issued by the competent authority of the country of which the person is a citizen and the passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry;

- Have a round-trip transport ticket or go to another country;

- Not being allowed to enter Vietnam.

Here is the list of 13 countries have Vietnam visa exemption:

1. Germany – 15 days

2. France – 15 days

3. Italy – 15 days

4. Spain – 15 days

5. Great Britain and Northern Ireland – 15 days

6. Russia – 15 days

7. Japan – 15 days

8. Korea – 15 days

9. Denmark – 15 days

10. Sweden – 15 days

11. Norway – 15 days

12. Finland – 15 days

13. Belarus – 15 days

The exemption period varies from country to country. In case you enter tourism and are exempted for less than 30 days, but due to the schedule change or visiting desire, visitors want to stay longer to visit the beautiful scenery or join the tour program of a travel agent. Visitors can apply for an extension of their stay for a total of up to 30 days in Vietnam. In case you need assistance or instructions on the procedure, please contact us or send an email to

Support for Vietnam visa extension:

First of all, visitors need to know that the currently maximum period of stay in Vietnam for tourism purposes is 30 days.

If visitors enter Vietnam with e-visas, in case they enter and stay for 30 days, visitors should know their e-visas cannot be extended. In case visitors enter by e-visas, but some how they enter after the expected date on the visa and they should have not enough 30 day of stay. If visitors are in this situation and need assistance in applying for a visa extension to have time to travel according to the set schedule, please contact us via email so that we can help you with suggestions.

How to apply for a Vietnam 3 month tourist visa?

There are many visitors who want to apply for a 3-month tourist visas to be able to travel through Vietnam or freely explore the beautiful scenery of Vietnam without worrying about visa expiration or visitors do not have specific plans for the upcoming vacation or do not know yet or just simply fall in love with the places they come and want stay a longer... Therefore, visitors will need to apply for a 3-month tourist visas to Vietnam. However, from 2023, applying for an e-visa or through a travel agency to apply for a visa can only be approved for 30 days, no more 3 months as before Covid – 19 pandemic. Therefore, visitors should plan specifically for their trips in advance and if visitors cannot accurately predict it, they should only buy a one-way air ticket to limit the expiration of your visa without the return flight date or visitors MUST travel out of Vietnam then apply for a new visa to re-entry.

How to get Vietnam tourist visas with multiple entries?

If you have a travel schedule and move many times into Vietnam.

Even if your visa is still valid, but you exit the country, the visa has expired and you will need to apply for a new visa to re-enter.

If visitors buy a tour from a travel agency in Vietnam and you plan to go on an alternative tour between Vietnam and a neighboring countries near Vietnam, the travel agency in Vietnam can support visitors to apply for a 1-month visa for multiple entries.  Then you can return to Vietnam without applying for a new visa.

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